Interested in the idea of your own tiny house?

At Arbdomo we build every tiny house completely custom. This is also the reason why we do not have fixed prices. We do have a few entry-level models that make it a lot faster. What is the price for a tiny house? The information below will give you a better idea of this. Would you like a detailed offer? Then make an appointment below to discuss your project.

Step 1

initial interview

Step 2

discuss design

Step 3

customize design

Step 4

calculate quote

Step 5

build & delivery

During the introductory meeting, we introduce ourselves and outline the possibilities at arbdomo. We also make time to listen to your questions. After a look in the studio, you will go home with all the necessary inspiration and information to take further steps in the tiny house adventure. book your appointment here:

At Arbdomo we work completely customised. We listen to your requirements, wishes and personal taste. We provide feedback and share our do’s and don’ts when designing a tiny house. We then turn this into a whole in a 3D design that matches your vision as closely as possible.

The first vision of the design is usually not the last. Throughout the design process, there are usually a few variations before we arrive at the final design. Once you approve the design, we are ready for the next step.

Once the design is ready, we can prepare a detailed quote. Do you agree?  Then you first pay an advance, we plan the project and move on to the next step as soon as possible: building the tiny house.

It takes about 2 months to build a custom tiny house. You can expect a finished hull house after 1 month. You will visit several times throughout the project to have adjustments made. As soon as the house is ready, it moves from our studio to the agreed location.

Fully finished tiny house

The finished houses are the houses that are completely custom built and completely finished. These can therefore be fully built with a bathroom and kitchen. But here you can also have them designed so that they can be used as a therapy or office space with a small desk and sitting area, or even as a music studio with a singing room. Nothing is too crazy for us. 

The prices for this start from €60,000.00

Casco Tiny house

These houses are for you who still want to roll up their sleeves. Here you can still choose how far it should be finished. Usually these are houses where there is no interior. So there is no more work to do on the outside.

The prices for this start from €35.000,00